German Language Training

German – A1, A2, B1

Learning German Language opens the door to great opportunities worldwide. Germany offers several openings for Engineers and for Nurses. With good language level up to German B1 or German B2, candidates can get easy job access in the German market. More than that Germany offers full Scholarship for education in Engineering and Medicine for academically talented students. Germany has its own key position in Europe not only as one of the founding nations of the European Union but also as a member of Schengen countries. These aspect adds high potential for job seekers to get their desired job without much difficulty. Applying for job seeker visa is one the best ways for a professional to search for openings in German Market. Boon provides german language course in thrissur and assist students for getting admission for various courses in German Universities and for Job seekers visa formalities as well.

German language also opens various career paths in many multinational organisations. Most of the top rated companies are either based in Germany or follows German technology. All these companies gives special rating for candidates who possess German Language skill.

Boon's German language course training method:

For German language course in Kochi, Boon train its students with top rated faculties Prof. Joe and Prof. Achuthan who have more than 35 years of teaching experience in German Language( best language to learn) and additionally they have taken their teaching diploma from German University itself. All the classes are conducted only in German Language and students learn it in the German Style. We focus on the students to achieve high score in German A1,A2,B1,B2 examinations. We assist our students to register the test at various locations with Goethe institute or with OSD-Austria.

Boon - German Language Course Class Timing :

Thrissur – Monday – Friday

A1 and A2

( 2:30 – 7:30 pm )

Kochi - Monday – Friday

A1, A2, B1

( 10 am till 3:30 pm )

Last chance to sign up for a course.