Pearson test of English

PTE – Academic

Pearson test of English is an online English Language Test which comprises of reading, writing, listening and speaking. PTE is the stepping stone for higher education and job opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore exclusively. The striking aspect of PTE is that, the test is universally online which makes the candidates feel more secured, because even the valuation of the examination would be on an objective basis as the technology cannot be biased. Moreover, the results of the PTE examination are given out within 4-5 working days, and the examination date can be booked within a few days prior to the test date.

The test duration is for three hours which can be further divided into three parts respectively. PTE Part 1 is a 90 minute test with speaking as well as writing modules. In PTE part 2, the candidate has to deal with the reading part with a time limit of 35-40 minutes. The last, or the third part of the PTE test is listening, which should be completed within a time span of 55-60 minutes.

In order to accomplish the specified time in each part of the exam, we train our PTE candidates by providing PTE offline as well as PTE online tutorial classes which are equivalent to the standards of the PTE examination. Before the actual PTE test it is always advisable to give PTE-Score mock test that is available on Pearson website. PTE Offline classes comprise of regular practice with constant guidance from the mentor. Continuous practice in terms of offline exercises, and online mock tests enables a candidate to achieve the best score in PTE test.

PTE training timing

  • Online training + online test Practice
  • Duration : 2-3 weeks
  • Last chance to sign up for a course.